Mission & Vision

Saint Child exists to serve young women, 14-24, who are in need of support during their pregnancy.  We welcome young women from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.


Saint Child exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of pregnant young women who are caught in a cycle of abuse, poverty and neglect, and who are seeking help in transitioning from poverty and hopelessness to sustainability and faith.  By immersing them in a nurturing family environment, they will build loving, lasting relationships while they learn practical life skills, receive counseling, and gain support from a community of faith.


Saint Child sees a community of people with the same heart and mind, united to support young pregnant women as their babies are given a chance for life.  We work in conjunction with each community to break the generational cycle of abuse and neglect by providing a safe, loving and caring home.  Saint Child exists to provide life, purpose and direction to each young mother while she makes a plan for her and her unborn child’s life.  Ultimately, we change the world, one mother at a time.


We are a Community Model home that provides stable, secure and nurturing residential care for young women ages 14-24 and their infants. We are a trauma informed, strengths based program that utilizes a Positive Youth Development model.

We are honored to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ while we serve young women regardless of their faith background. We believe that communities can provide security, belonging and healthy human relationships.  We will model and teach respect, honesty, and nurturing in our community.

Every young woman in our community receives comprehensive services to help her prepare for the birth of her baby and plan for parenting or adoption.  Basic components of our program are:

  • Access to prenatal care:  residents are assisted in establishing a relationship with an OB/GYN or midwife and keep routine medical appointments.
  • Education:  residents are encouraged to complete their high school diploma or earn their GED through community-based educational programs.
  • Employment:  residents who have earned their diploma or GED are required to work or volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per week to gain job skills and develop financial resources.
  • Childbirth preparation:  residents develop an individual relationship with a Doula who helps them prepare both emotionally and physically for the birth of their child and offers support before, during, and after birth.
  • Counseling: residents meet weekly with a counselor who provides emotional support and encouragement in strengthening personal relationships, developing decision-making skills, and healing from past traumas.
  • Advocacy:  residents meet weekly with an advocate who provides emotional support, support in setting and achieving personal goals, and addressing barriers to their success.
  • Parenting skills:  new mothers are offered intensive support and skill building opportunities during early months of mother/baby bonding.
  • Skills training: residents will participate in budgeting, nutrition, meal planning and preparation, and infant and child developmental education.
  • Spiritual guidance:  residents attend weekly worships services and a weekly bible study.

Young women enter the home at any point during their pregnancy and may stay up to 3 months after their baby is born.We are non-denominational and accept young women of all faiths.  Our $200 per month program fees are based on a sliding scale, according to ability to pay.

Key to the Program:

We offer a safe and stable community encouraging strengths development and positive relationships; this is what separates us from other transitional living programs.

Our Educational Life Skills Program offers hands on experience such as meal planning and preparation for a family, birthing and parenting, budgeting and many other skills for independent living and appropriate parenting. These skill-building opportunities allow Saint Child young women to enhance current and build new skills that will support their future success as they transition to independence.

Saint Child is a 501c(3) organization serving the greater Portland Oregon community. Tax ID is 93-1212633Saint Child is formerly known as The House of Ruth.


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